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Finally home for Christmas

When you're on the road for more than eight months a year, you miss a lot of time with family and friends.

There's no place like home for the holidays...

It's hard, but it's part of the job and eventually you get used to it. (Sort of.) This year however, we made it home for Christmas! Norman hadn't spent Christmas at home in nearly ten years, so it was a great blessing for us all.


Norman's aunt Pennie got a new Himalayan Persian kitten for Christmas, so she was thrilled. Madeleine Rose is probably as perfect as a cat can be, extremely playful, and she's very sweet too. (Despite her somewhat intense blues eyes!)

Since opera seasons are planned years in advance, I can already tell you that Norman and I will be celebrating next year in Vienna, Austria, so if you want to have Christmas or ring in the New Year with us, start planning now!

Much love from North Carolina!

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