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10 ways to survive a long flight

Flying can be a pain, but it doesn't have to be. Here are some tips from someone who has done it a lot. I mean a LOT.

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Norman and I are flying from Vienna to Houston today, via London. We're packed, we're ready, we're excited for Christmas! If you're about to go on a trip, I hope my tips help you too!

1. Buy a big over sized scarf that can double as a blanket. Bonus points if it's cashmere. Being cold for 10 hours isn't fun!

2. Store up all your TV shows and binge watch them on the plane. This is literally the only time where I feel zero judgement about watching eight episodes of Scandal at once while eating crackers in drawstring pants. Right now I'm storing up Quantico and Empire...

3. Bring noise cancelling headphones. They work. They make it better.

4. Bring pain killers, allergy medicine, hand sanitizer, facial mist for inflight skin care (trust me) and a full toiletry kit in travel sizes in case you get stuck overnight somewhere.

5. Pay a bit more to reduce lay over times. It might cost $50 more, but it pays to take a direct flight and barring that, a flight with as few stops as possible. This is especially important during the holiday rush when airports tend to get over crowded.

6. Look for in-terminal services before leaving when you have a long layover. Some airports offer massage, facials and manicures, while others have amazing lounges where you can while away the time with food, drinks and WIFI against a fee.

7. Get to the airport early to ask for last minute upgrades. Norman has upgraded his economy flight to business class for $350 in the past, which is amazing when you consider that a business class flight usually costs upwards of $3000 round trip from North America to Europe.

8. Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol and caffeine. You've heard this before. It's all true.

9. Sit in the aisle so you can get up and stretch ever hour without bugging your seat mates. Assuming you're not in business class. (If you are, well consider me jealous!) This is very important for your circulation and will help you feel more alert during the flight.

10. Pack a personal item and one small carry on and nothing more to take onto the airplane. Unless you are going to be away for several months, there is no reason to bring more than one sensible carry on and one small personal item in addition to your checked luggage.

Bon voyage!

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