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In the recording studio!

Today Norman and I are making a new demo recording in Vienna, Austria. As a special bonus, we will be recording a duet together, which is a first for us!

Me and the boys!

Recording is always a bit tricky when you're used to live performance. Sounds that would be acceptable on stage can sound strange in the studio, so certain adjustments must be made to create as "natural" a sound as possible, while still conveying the true qualities of the voice.

Another problem is tuning. Classical singers don't benefit from the autotune machine, we simply have to keep doing takes until we get it right, and that can be exhausting. That's why it's always good to split a studio session with another artist.

In my case it's easy, I can just share with my husband, but if any of you readers out there are also singers, this would be my top suggestion for producing a good demo recording - split the time and cost with someone you trust and you will not only have more energy, but it will be so much more fun too!

Today I will be recording an aria from La Clemenza di Tito by Mozart called Non piu di fiori, as well as part of Chrysothemis' Act I scene Ich kann nicht sitzen from Elektra, by Richard Strauss. Norman will sing Una furtive lagrima from Donizetti's L'Elisir d'Amore, and then we will both sing a duet from Don Giovanni, which also happens to be the first piece we ever sang together back in 2009 while we were at Oper Leipzig, although at that time I was singing Zerlina. (Opera people are like, WHOA, fach change! Everyone else is like, how do you pronounce that name?)

Cross your fingers and pray that this goes well y'all and we'll have it online soon!


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