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When you visit Houston it's all about the food

Norman and I are in Houston visiting friends and collecting some of our stuff from storage before heading to North Carolina for Christmas next week...

First, we headed to Tierra Caliente for chorizo and egg breakfast tacos...Then, clearly still suffering from a taco deficit, we went Chuy's for lunch...

Our friend Carol flew into town today so we met for coffee at Common Bond Bakery. Try the chocolate chip cookies, they're insane. I exercised much self control and just had coffee...

Common Bond

Later, we attended an art show hosted by the Bridge Montrose and enjoyed a thought provoking lecture on the importance of arts and culture in society by our friend Andrzej.

I'm almost embarrassed to admit, but afterwards, we had more Tex Mex at El Real...

What a great day. I mean, basically we just sat around eating for the majority of the time, but isn't that the definition of a vacation? Maybe we'll even branch out with our food choices tomorrow. Or not...

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