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A stroll in Aalborg

As I write this, Norman is singing for the Queen of Denmark. As you do....

I'm still definitely fighting some yucky thing and can't tell if it's just bad allergies or the beginnings of a cold. Either way, it's miserable! Thankfully, I've had a decent amount of energy and was feeling well enough to get out for a lovely stroll this afternoon.

Before heading off to rehearsal Norm joined me for an speedy lunch at Hermans, a sleek coffee shop attached to a well stocked department store. (I did a quick scouting after lunch and spotted brands like Vanessa Bruno Athé, IRO, No. 21 and Rag and Bone, just fyi.) I had the Danish answer to a Caesar salad (it was pretty good actually!), and he had Danish-style tapas, which included smoked salmon, roast beef and speck - also good. Unfortunately I was distracted and forgot to snap a photo for you guys. Oh darn, guess that means I'll have to go back for more!

As soon as we were finished, Norman had to run off for a sound check, so I went for a walk around the town while the sun was still shining, keeping in mind that it would begin to get dark around 3:30 pm.

Here's an absolutely gorgeous side street. I did my best to capture its beauty, but really it's just something you need to see in real life to fully appreciate.

Um, these are privates home just so you know

And here is the same street from another angle...amazing how different it looks!


I love how all the homes are so colorful and vibrant in the historic center.

I feel like Hansel and Gretel should live here

This side street leads you to an artist atelier where interesting ceramics are made.

Pretty in pink

But truthfully, I found some ceramics I liked even more at another shop called Høgh, which also happens to stock my favorite hand cream from Sweden. (More on that later!)


It was 5 degrees Celsius for most of the afternoon, a stark change to the snow and freezing days that preceded! I was pretty tired after walking around and sneezing and snorting all the while, so I got coffee and a freshly made juice concoction of what I think was apples, grapefruit and ginger, but it could have been anything really - the menu was in Danish - and then I went home to learn music.

I think Norm just came home. Hope the queen liked him!


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