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I got $675 boots for a cent at Nordstrom Rack

What's better than getting a great deal? Getting an INSANE deal you're not even expecting!

If you know me well, you know my love for Nordstrom Rack and its many rows of fabulous fashion, accessories, and beauty products. The obsession is real!

In larger cities Nordstrom Rack routinely carries many of my favorite American labels like Vince, Rag and Bone, Current/Elliott, J Brand, Alexander Wang and Helmut Lang. I've also found pieces by some of my favorite European designers including Isabel Marant Étoile, MSGM, Jerome Dreyfuss, and Sophie Hulme, and they always have great deals on Kiehls and MAC make-up.

Whenever we are in the States I always go to the Rack to stock up on jeans, (American jeans are ridiculously expensive everywhere else!), and anything else made in the USA, like t-shirts. On my last trip, I got the deal to end all deals: a pair of Stuart Weiztman over the knee boots for a single penny. One cent! You can't even get a lame opinion without two cents, right?

This is the fourth time I've gotten the penny deal. Other steals include 3 pairs of Cosabella underwear, a circle scarf, and most recently, a cashmere sweater by Paige.

Racked online magazine did an article a while back about the penny deals and how they work, as well as great tips on how to score them. You can find a link right here. I think the most useful tip, one that I already employed without reading the article actually, is looking for items that have been reduced several times and are out of season. My boots are clearly made for winter or fall, but there they were just outside of Atlanta in the middle of a scorching summer. SCORE!

***Just a note: the price tag won't say the item is marked down to a penny, it will just be unusually low. My boots said they were marked down $30, which I already thought was a total bargain, but when they rang up they came up as a penny. The sales associates won't know beforehand if an item is part of the penny deals either, just for your information. This has to do with an inventory and supply thing, I won't go into it.

Have you ever gotten the Nordstrom Rack penny deal? Let me know all about it!

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